Sunday, 25 August 2013

pop-up florist

I did the flowers for my first wedding, hopefully the first of many
Hilary kindly let me set up a work space in her barn and I spent two days there getting everything ready and made, making 45 tea cup arrangements and lots of other bits and bobs. It was hard work but enjoyable and I was proud of the end results and received lots of lovely compliments. When I receive some of the photographers photographs I will post those up here too. If anyone is interested in hiring me drop me a line at



  1. Congratulations! They are all gorgeous!

  2. oh, they are beautiful Helen...good job!! ;)

  3. Lovely use for assorted tea cups. Well done. :)

    1. yes I really love using vessels for an alternative use, I used the tea set serving plates for arrangements too x

  4. great work helen!
    it looks so beautiful everything!


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