Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I'm making a wall hanging as part of my final piece for my masters, I am spending my days stitching, at the moment big yellow circles, and it is peaceful, below the peaceful exterior is a bit of panic though, to get it done in time, that it looks good, that it represents my research and thesis accurately, all of that, I keep needing to tell myself that creativity is immeasurable, it is all about personal preference and understanding, as long as I am pleased with it, it shall be a success and if it pleases a few more peoples eyes too then I shall be very happy



  1. Fascinated by this! Will we get to see more?

    1. oh definitely, I shall be posting more images soon x

  2. i am sure, in the end, there will be a
    very satisfying feeling of your own work.
    good luck helen. and we look forward to see
    how it comes out.

    1. thank you coco, it can be a very nervous time and your kind words mean a lot x


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