Monday, 18 November 2013

of late.....

my job seems to absorb most of my time lately, I am quite literally there a lot but also outside work I am more tired than usual adapting to a new job and new expectations and targets. People say it takes about three months to get used to a new routine. I am two months in, so soon I think/hope I will become less tired.
I have not been making lately, I make everyday at work, I share my skills and knowledge with others and teach them to learn a new skill and make and create but I have not been making for myself and I really ought to be because it makes me so happy. I use my camera less these days and have a new smart  phone so use that a little more, I put my images up on instagram, images of what the clients have been making.
I graduated, this is me with my dad.
After graduation we all went for lunch then Chris and I went on to see the circus and it was magnificent. I really loved it.
This weekend we have been to see our friends Gaz and George in Ilkley, North Yorkshire. We had home made pizza and then did some dancing. This is their living room and George's desk where she creates. 
We also went to see my brother and family, it was my nieces joint birthday party. They recently moved house and we hadn't visited yet, their back garden overlooks a field with cows in, great.
Hope you are all well



  1. Congratulations for your graduation!

  2. nice pictures helen!
    also congratulations for your graduation!
    and you have a beautiful garden :)

  3. Thank you for your visit on my pinterest I can now enjoy your blog as well! Amitié, Martine


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