Saturday, 31 December 2011

I'm fairly sure Conker can now jump up onto the kitchen work surface

The reason we can be quite sure of this is because she has left some evidence in a dirty tray for us, I don't think she has perfected her stealthy cat ways yet. We also fed Conker some left over salmon and I think she thoroughly enjoyed it, look at her long tongue xxo

Friday, 23 December 2011

Packaging and stamp

A few weeks ago I received my new packaging and stamp both of which are made from recycled materials, what do you think? xxo

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Little blog awards

Dorset Cereals little awards Ohhhhhhh how exciting, I have been nominated for the Dorset cereal little blog awards, please vote for me xxo

Veg-box no.6

15/12/11 Veg-bog no.6 had in it, 4x clementines, 6x apples, 11x mushrooms, 1x bag of greens, 2x pairs, 1x celery root, 10x potatoes, 2x onions, 7x carrots and also a bag of oranges to say thank you to me for recommending them to a friend, what can I make this week? I'm currently making apple and ginger chuney xxo Veg-box no.1 Veg-box no.2 Veg-box no.3 Veg-box no.4 Veg-box no.5

Christmas fair at Brockholes

I took part again, in the Christmas fair this Sunday at Brockholes. I had a lovely day, there were reindeers and it was a glorious day weather wise. I was selling my work and some vintage items too. My jewellery is now stocked at The Nest at Brockholes, fits in perfectly as everything is nature inspired xxo

Thursday, 15 December 2011

The curiosity project

This is my first time participating with The curiosity project and I will most definitely join in again. I love it, it's such a genius idea and who doesn't enjoy giving and receiving presents, especially to and from like minded people. It's basically a project that involved entering your details minus name and a little about yourself and then your information is passed to someone and you receive someone else's and you have a time frame in which to post your gift by with a £20 limit. I received a well thought out box, thank you sender, whoever you are . I hope the person I sent my parcel to enjoyed theirs. We'll see. Check out the curiosity project here xxo

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Vivian Maier

Truly inspirational

Oxjam Manchester

Some of my work will be available to buy Thursday 15th at this great Oxjam event at The Bay Horse Pub in the northern Quarter Manchester. All the money made will be donated to Oxfam, so you have no excuse not to buy my vintage fabric brooches especially as they're only £1. "The aim of the evening is to fundraise money in aid of Oxfam by promotion of emerging artists of North West. It is all about acoustic, folk, reggae music - a blend of music styles to indulge your senses! The Taylorandthemason, The Quangos, Jeremiah Ferrari and other acoustic acts - you just can't miss it," Sounds like it will be a good night, I can't make it due to work!!!! But I think you should pop down if you can xxo

Veg-box no.5

This veg-box arrived on 08/12/11 and included in this magnificent box was 5x apples, 5x clementines, 14x mushrooms, 7x small potatoes, 2x leeks, 1x cauliflower, 1x lemon, 4x onions, 9x big potatoes, 8x carrots. I have to make cauliflower cheese. Any suggestions what else? I'm also currently making carrot chutney, onion chutney, summer fruit jam, summer fruit vodka, summer fruit gin, raspberry gin and raspberry and lemon zest vodka, photos to follow soon, all will be given as christmas presents xxo

Brockholes Nature Reserve Christmas Fair

I had a table at Brockholes Nature Reserve Christmas fair with the lovely mootsink and seventyseventyonedesign . I had a lovely day and will soon be stocking my work in the nest at Brockholes. I am at the Christmas fair there again this Sunday, the 18th, selling my wares xxo

Veg-box no.4

This veg-box arrived on 01/12/11 and in it was 1x bag of salad, 1x bag of kale, 5x apples, 6x clementines, 1x lemon, 1x garlic bulb, 2x onions, 8x mushrooms, 5x carrots, 4x parsnips, 11x potatoes. Chris made us pork belly with mashed potato and carrot and parsnip mash, mmmmmmm, it was delicious xxo

Roasted beetroot with thyme and mint, fried sprouts and bacon, roasted carrots and parsnip and good old boiled potatoes

I am incredibly behind in my posting, I have been very busy. All sorts going on. I made these vegetables to go with lamb cutlets when my good friend Emily, who happens to be a glass artist, came to visit, using up the veg-box veg. Then we played records and Conker joined in xxo

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Veg-box no.3

And inside this weeks excellent one of a kind Organic Direct veg-box we have....4x apples, 5x clementine, 2x pairs, 1x stick of sprouts, 1x bag of chard/kale, 14x mushrooms, 2x onions, 3x carrots, 2x shallots, 2x beets, 10x potatoes. What am I going to make this week? Any ideas anyone? xxo

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Is it possible to post too many cat photo's?

When you're at home writing essays for your MA a cat is a good companion xxo

Conkers' first venture outside in the garden and chicken, bacon and veg-box veg soup

Conker has now had her second injection which means she can go outside, she's still too small to leave alone but we took her for a little adventure on Sunday morning and she loved it. Incredibly nosy, she was trying to look over the fence to see the neighbours she could hear talking, she also seemed to be a little scared too. Look how tiny she looks.
I made this soup using the vegetables from my last veg-box, I forgot to order one last week, oops, but one is coming this week xxo

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Steyning Tea Rooms and my photography

I'm incredibly excited as my photography has been used on the Steyning tearooms website. They saw the photo's on my blog post 'The Steyning Tearooms' and emailed me asking about using them. Obviously I gladly permitted use of my photos, I am happy to be associated with such a lovely place. You can see their website here and a link to my website is on their main page xxo

Monday, 14 November 2011

Trip to Formby Red Squirrel Sanctuary

We went to Formby at the weekend to the Red Squirrel Sanctuary and along the sea front where we had a picnic and fed the seagulls chipsticks.
I loved every minute of it, look at all the amazing branches xxo

Sunday, 13 November 2011

moses supposes

Is this or is this not the perfect Sunday film, I will never tire of 'Singing in the rain' xxo

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Veg-box no.2

This weeks veg-box has 4xapples, 5xpears, 2xoranges, 7xmushrooms, 2xbig tomatoes, 1xbag of kale, 4xcarrots, 2xparsnips, 1xcelery root, 1xonion, 20xpotatoes. Let's see what I make this week xxo

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Memories and my work space

I took a photo this morning of my work space and Conker, then in a very amateur way edited it, a little, and then it ended up looking like this and reminded me of the opening for 'Winnie The Pooh' and certain episodes of 'Sesame Street' . See the two posts below to view the videos I mean. Very 70's xxo

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