It’s one of those days, you know, those grey days, the days that some of us secretly long for every now and again. These are the days when a lazy, cosy day in needs no excuse. When that feeling of guilt for not being productive enough is diminished by a gloriously miserable, grey, rainy day that you have no control over. It’s out of your hands; this day has been given to you, a gift, to feel no onus, you can sit down and do whatever you feel like. This is that day when you can run a stinking hot bath and lie in it until it goes a bit cold, but not get out, top the bath up with more hot water and stay in it longer, because the book you’re reading it too great to put down and you’re kitten is sat by you effortlessly encouraging you to experience their way of living, coaxing you in to an 18 hour sleeping pattern and an over indulgent preening routine. This is that day, the day you always imagined when you played the game ‘what animal would you be’. “A cat of course, I would be a cat”.

tablet of
joy, taken away
worries, forbidden to stray
time, precious of day
one small token of control
takes, stops, ends
tablet of choice

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  1. (^^) nice way to spend relaxing grey rainy day..
    that cat makes your story adoreble.

    i have been very into stiching lately. it is so fun and while stiching one thing, another idea pops up. that is the great thing. do you do stitches? i would love to see your work if you ever feel like it.

    have a good day to you ♡


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