Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Naturally a bike ride was in order

Yesterday I cam home from my Masters course to find this, Conker had destroyed the bathroom so we decided to go for a bike ride and clean it up when we got back.
the moon
the sunset was beautiful and the iron men looked amazing x

Studio Meez

I've been reading the Studio Meez blog for a while now and I always love all the designs and posts and I really wanted to receive one of the lovely parcels so I bought some stickers that I had been eying up for a while and they promptly arrived all lovely and packaged, Conker seems to like them too but they are not for kittens!! Thank you Studio Meez xxo

Thurstaston Visitors Centre

On Sunday we went to Thurstaston visitor centre which is on the Wirral and if you haven't been I recommend a visit. It has a bird watching station and it's so peaceful and beautiful, I loved it x

Sefton Green Gym

what can't you do with pot noodle pots!
inspiration dug up !
I've been to the Green Gym allotment twice this week, once to help out and the second time I did some sketching. I took home with me some, spinach, lettuce, chard, kale, parsley, spring onions, french onions and black radishes. So far I've used the spring onions in a spanish omelette I made at my aunts, the lettuce leaves in a caesar salad and the kale to eat with salmon x

roasted swede soup

I always post about the contents of my organic veg box but seldom post about what I make with the goods so I'm aiming to post more about what I cook using the ingredients from my veg box and the ingredients I take home from Sefton Green Gym. The other day I went on a scavenge and came home with some beautiful plates, a bowl and a storage jar. The bowl inspired me to make some soup. I knew I had a swede in so I thought a roasted swede soup would be perfect. I roasted the swede with rosemary, garlic and a bay leaf for about 30 mins, quite small cubes. I sweated down some onions, carrots and maybe a leak, (I can't remember) then added everything together and poured in 150ml of stock and 100ml of water, I left to simmer for 20 minutes then blended it and sieved it. I then added 100 ml of cream but this is optional, I wanted a creamy soup. It was delicious xxo

veg-box 13

4x bananas, 5x apples, 1x lemon, 1x avocado, 10x mushrooms, 1x savoy cabbage, 1x swede, 5x potatoes, 1x bulb of garlic, 12x carrots, 2x red onion, 2x white onion x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I receieved a lovely parcel from Julie containing some interesting items. Beautiful photographs, tea that I'm looking forward to trying, some lovely vintage stickers, excellent hand made items and a lovely letter to go with it, thank you Julie, your reply is on the way xxo

Monday, 12 March 2012

London plane tree and Hampstead Heath

visiting friends in London this weekend, had a lovely time, great shots of the silhouettes of trees to sketch from, hope you had a lovely weekend too x

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