Thursday, 31 May 2012


I found this key on the floor, I wonder what it's for, who it belonged to, the secret garden? I've also made a few more macrame plant holders and learnt some new knots x

Asparagus wrapped with parma ham with lemon and the allotment

The celery isn't dead but seems to be growing very slowly. Roger very kindly shared some asparagus with us and Christopher cooked them with parma ham, lemon and salt and pepper and boy were they delicious, thank you Roger and Christopher xxo


one day it was like this
two days later it was like this

Sefton Green Gym Sunday 27th May

Lovely weather we've been having lately makes everything looks even more amazing than usual down at the allotment. Roger has a bees nest in his box. I planted some flowers and the floor is being readied for the mosaic very well by Phil and the help of others. I've discovered the Green Gym bees hive has a safety mechanism to keep wasps out hence the 'wasp' shadow that is formed. We have sooooo sooo many strawberries and they are all delicious, I'm going to be making a strawberry compote, provided I don't eat them all before hand xxo

what I missed whilst I was away

I was inspired by wide-eyed-trees post about home. When I went away Christopher and Conker couldn't come and I missed them dearly, and I missed my own flat, even missed doing laundry!!(that soon wore off) xxo

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Montpellier flower market

Whilst in Montpellier I went to the Tuesday morning flower market at Mosson football stadium car park. It was beautiful and until that point the weather had been pretty awful but it brightened up as I walking round and taking everything in. I bought a mint plant to have mint tea with, it was tasty xxo

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