Thursday, 26 April 2012


veg-box 16

contents 1x grapefruit, 1x apple, 3x avocado, 12x mushrooms, 1x leek, 2x onion, 14x potatoes, 13x carrots, 1x bag of greens. I think I'm going to become addicted to macrame, macrame everything xxo

Sefton Green Gym

Today was a miserable day weather wise but not too cold, I still avoided the outside and instead planted all the spring onions in the polytunnel with Crissy. I also had a go at making a macrame plant pot hanger which is actually really simple and I think they look great especially with my 70's taste! I also took home with me some, spinach, potatoes (which were the first crop), parsley, mint and beet-root, the beet-root was from Rogers allotment, the rest from Green Gym. Paul caught a frog too, and of course let it go. Oh and the strawberries are growing but are green still and Helen picked her first asparagus. You can read more here on the Sefton Green Gym blog xxo

Window sill celery and new jug

I saw on Infusion fibers blog that she had re-grown some celery so I have decided to give it a go myself. In the university craft shop people can sell their work and the other day I bought a very small creamer which I think is lovely, I shall have to find out who the maker is xxo

Chicken, bacon and leek pie with short crust pastry top

Last night for tea, pie, fake champagne (we're still not drinking for charity) and music x

Friday, 20 April 2012


I find it hard to find a smell that competes with the smell of garlic and mushrooms frying together x

Sefton Green Gym haul and Cacti re-potting

This week at the Green Gym I helped re-pot all the cacti ready to sell at a a table top sale in May along the sea front. I also came home with an amazing Haul, some from Green Gym and some from Rogers allotment, thanks Roger. I'll see what I make with it all, posts will follow xxo

Mushroom and purple sprouting broccoli risotto, allotment produce recipe

Guest post by Christopher x

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