Friday, 29 March 2013

the perfect friday

Started off the day with a croissant and homemade jam breakfast, and of course a cup of tea. The fruit for the jam is from my grandparents garden, I've had it in the freezer for some time and finally got round to making some jam. We set out to find some cheese, mostly because I wanted some , we went to Southport Market  and ended up not only getting some lovely cheese from the Liverpool Cheese Company but some scallops and sea bass from Peets Plaice  (great pun). We have friends coming over tomorrow so an excellent feast we shall have. We strolled back to the sea front and stopped at a book shop along the way, there was a sign "needle work, fashion and feminine interest" to let my partner know what section I would be in, there was no need for me to talk even, well that's not unless I was spoken to of course. That said I did make purchase of three pretty beautiful books, one being a Laura Ashley interior design book and another has some excellent fabric dye recipes in. Hope you've had a lovely start to your weekend all, off to families now for a pizza, beer and film night xxo

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

making and buying

I was browsing on etsy some months back and saw some really simple initial rings so made myself one using a broken gold chain that I melted down and some silver wire, since then I have found myself making many more for friends that love mine. 

I recently made two super purchases from ebay,  ebay can be hit and miss but I bought a beautiful laura ashley dress for £6 and this mustard hand made shirt for 99p and they both fit perfectly xxo 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


veg-box surprise with a beautiful garlic in this time. Today I have been doing some workshops making Phenakistoscopes. People also bought items in from home and they were archived and displayed how they would be in a museum/gallery. New to me shoes found in the same charity shop, it was my lucky day xxo 

Thursday, 21 March 2013


lately, conker in a box, one of her favourite past times, a bridesmaids posy in foam, salsa salad with tomatoes, chilli, cucumber, lime, coriander and red onion and a chorizo, bacon and avocado salad with a sesame oil dressing and fresh salad from our veg-box 

Macrame plant pot hanger

found some great macrame jute in a charity shop recently, I have two weeks off from studies as of today, I'll have to do a fair bit of study work but largely I have some free time and I plan to get some making done, this will include some plant hangers and maybe learn a new knot. I'm also going on  a trip to Manchester and London to hang out with friends. looking forward to a little break.

when will it be summer?

I'm ready for some warmer weather now, I want to wear pretty summer dresses and not have to put two pairs of socks on

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

what nots of late

I found a great item in a charity shop the other week, some tartan fabric with a sort of ambiguous 'skirt making service' hanger attached. I wasn't quite sure if their was a pattern inside or what really so I bought it. When I opened it the piece of paper inside had an address on and a table for filling in your measurements, you then post the details and fabric to a 'Patricia Neal' who then makes the skirt up for you. Lovely, of course it's dated now,  I'm guessing 70's, and not likely to exist anymore, I'm tempted to write to the address anyway and see whether it is still going.

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