Friday, 19 April 2013

simple things

I'm quite a messy worker really, I can't deny it, in my head I want to work in a tidy space and it does bother me, a bit, but on  whole a I don't mind, I like to spread out and see everything in front of me, plus there is some organisation, in my own way.  I do have a desk upstairs but we live in a maisonette with our upstairs in the roof so all the windows are skylights and I like to be able to look outside, so I have set up post in the kitchen. My metalwork tools and sewing machine are upstairs on that desk.

Planting today, I have been too busy lately to even get my seeds sewn yet so only just started the germinating process, it's still early in the year though and the weather hasn't really been too great. Today has been so bright and warm and I feel happy, like I have a spring in my step. I had an assessment for my Masters yesterday which went ok, just ok, they are never nice are they, viva voice talking about your work and where you're taking it.

I went on a trip to london the other week and we made a visit to the garden museum where I purchased one of the bottle tops you can see on the photograph, they fit on pretty much any plastic bottle and make it into a mini watering can, so simple, the design idea of this little gadget makes me so happy, what a perfect way to reuse a plastic bottle and I don't know about you but I have been keen to find a watering can with such a fine spray for years, it's perfect!! Click here for a link if you would like to purchase one.

It's friday, weeks go so fast, happy weekend to you all, have a lovely one xxo

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

needle wallet and onion soup

made onion soup yesterday which turned out to be pretty delicious, onions, chilli, garlic, in butter, bit of fresh thyme, then some brandy then stock.

this is where I keep my Sashiko needles


Friday, 12 April 2013

Sashiko inspired mending project open to all

This post is for anyone who is interested whether I already know you or not, whether you live in the UK or in New Zealand, Australia, Iceland or France, anywhere. I would like to mend your clothes for you. I would like you to send me an item of clothing that you own or belongs to someone you know and has a hole in it or a tear, or is just on the verge of becoming possibly unwearable, I would like you to post that item to me and then mend it for you, using a running stitch inspired by Sashiko techniques and reinforcement embroidery and stitching techniques. The only catch is, I get to mend the item with free artistic licence, making the damage to the garment a focus, a decorative and beautiful part of the item. I will mend the item and photograph it and send it back to you so you can carry on enjoying it. It could be a shirt, a dress, a cardigan, a bag, all sorts. If you are interested in this project please email me on you can also visit here to see more about the project which is for my masters degree. I look forward to hearing from you.

the good life

I would happily give up being a human for this lifestyle, easily xxo

Monday, 1 April 2013


I'm selling some things on ebay you can have a look here, if you are interested in any of the items get in touch and I can take them off ebay and you can buy them directly from me xxo 

beach walks

we had friends come visit this weekend and it was lovely, we went for a beautiful beach walk and looked at all the bricks from houses that are now in pieces on the seafront, there were some interesting items. I'm just trying to find out the history of these houses and why they are rubble, I shall update when I know. Hope you've all had a glorious weekend and lovely break x 

I have since found out thanks to a few lovely helpers on Twitter, that the bricks are from houses that were destroyed during the blitz in Bootle after WW2 and they were moved to the sea front as a sea defence, thank you to @abettercrosby  and @Crosbyhistory for your help, and a few other people.  

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