Friday, 21 June 2013

the little flower blog

I will be doing a weekly post on a Friday over at the little flower blog and on a Wednesday I shall be taking part in a joint post with Caroline the co founder of the little flower blog, take a look 
I am also using this photograph to enter Jo's nature in the home series over at the little green shed blog, this week's challenge was 'gift'

I am entering this post because it is a gift to have met the lovely Caroline on my floristry course who I endeavour to create a prosperous future with in the world of art and floristry and our joint blog venture together is just the beginning

p.s. always a gift to have fresh flowers in your home


Friday, 7 June 2013

Great Elm

This picture is on our landing, I like the way the light falls on to it from the sky light at a certain time of day, I have a collection of photographs of this occurring.
This photograph was taken by me, it is a tree I grew up with, I could see it from my bedroom window, it swayed with a gentle breeze and creaked with a forceful wind, I was afraid it may fall over and land on my bedroom and crush me whilst I slept. I wished I could climb it. I watched birds adorn it, squirrels move elegantly around it. I wished to be in the centre of it, that I would find a secret door that would take me to a beautiful world in the centre of the tree. I wondered how many rings it had and how old it was. I saw debris from the tree on the road outside our house one day coming home from school, it had been an awfully stormy night and it must have weakened a branch which eventually gave way. This tree survived Dutch Elm disease when many trees around it did not. 
A few years back for a project I was working on I was photographing trees and I knew that I must photograph the Elm tree from my mum's front garden. I am glad I did because now it is no longer there.   Its insides were rotten and its days were spent, it was no longer safe and it had to come down, I felt sad when I thought of this tree no longer being there. But I felt happy that I had the memories. I thought about how old the tree must have been and thought about how many memories the tree had created and what a life it had led through all the people that had a memory of this tree. 

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